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Orofacial Pain

Orofacial pain can be debilitating. At the office of W. Daniel Billington, DMD, MS, FAAOP, we understand how upsetting and uncomfortable you are. In fact, Dr. Billington has personally suffered from orofacial pain. It is our goal to provide diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and relief for every patient. If you live in Albany, NY, or the surrounding areas, call us at 518-482-2728 to begin the journey to a life without pain.

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Neuropathic Pain or Neuralgia

If you experience shooting, burning, or stabbing pain in your face or jaw, you may have neuropathic pain. This pain may come and go and is often caused by nerve damage or a change in nerve function.

Trigeminal neuralgia results from pain from irritation or pressure on the trigeminal nerve. This nerve branches off into various parts of the face. Pain may be caused by a blood vessel causing pressure on the nerve, injury to the nerve, multiple sclerosis, or other causes. Other forms of neuralgia include occipital and glossopharyngeal neuralgia.

In addition to neuralgia, trigeminal neuropathy usually presents as a dull ache or burning sensation around a given tooth inside the lips or on the gums without an obvious source for the pain.

Some people experience what is termed as burning mouth syndrome, which presents as a burning pain on the tip of the tongue and sometimes inside of the lips.

While there is usually not a cure for nerve-type pain, there are effective treatments available.


Chronic headaches may be related to a disruption of the trigeminal nerve, its branches, or nearby blood vessels. TMD or other disorders can cause similar headaches and it is important to have them properly diagnosed so that the appropriate treatment can be rendered. Dr. Billington will consider all of your symptoms and decide on the appropriate diagnostic tests and then treatment.

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